Q.1: Where can I find the prices of the furniture?

A.1: When you are on your specific country code (e.g. / .de) you can scroll to the bottom of the page and there you will find a PDF price list.

Q.2: Where can I find a retailer close to me?

A.2: Go to the ‘dealer’ page at the top of the web page. Here you can select the right country and give in your postal code / place name and the kilometer range you want it to be in. Click on search and below you will find all the retailers carrying / selling Kidsmill furniture.

Q.3: Can I get a catalogue of the Kidsmill collection?

A.3: Yes, of course. You can scroll to the bottom of the home page and either click on “click here to view our catalogue online” or you can fill you the contact form next to it to get a catalogue send to your home address.

Q.4: Can I order directly via Kidsmill?

A.4: That is not possible. However, we have secured the best retailers over the world to carry our lines in order to give you the excellent in-person experience every parent-to-be deserves. Our retailers are all experts on nursery furniture field and are always happy to help you when it comes to Kidsmill furniture.

Q.5: Can the furniture be assembled?

A.5: Yes! For the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg we carry out the delivery and assembly process ourselves. This is all included with an order over €600,- (Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg) and €1000,- (Switzerland and Austria).

Q.6: Can I order spare parts via Kidsmill?

A.6: In order to assess if we have spare parts available for your specific furniture piece, we would need an order number and an article number. The article number of your furniture piece can be found in the following place:

- cot (bed): the article number can be found on the bottom of the base of the bed

- chest: the article number can be found on the back of the chest (in- or outside)

- wardrobe: the article number can be found on the back of the wardrobe (in- or outside)

Q.7: Can I receive the instructions manual of my furniture?

A.7: You can find this per product on our website. Navigate to the correct collection and click on the relevant product. If you scroll down a little you will find the download link of the manual under the product specifications. Can't find the right product or do you have an older collection that we no longer have? It is best to send us an e-mail at or fill out the contact form telling us you need the instructions manual and the article number of the item you need the manual for. To know where you can find the article number, please see the answer to Q6.

Q.8: What kind of guarantee do have on the Kidsmill products?

A.8: We give two years of guarantee on a manufacturing fault. Damage that is caused by careless handling or wear and tear doesn’t fall under guarantee. Every warranty request will be examined on reasonableness by our expert service team.

Q.9 Where is the Kidsmill furniture produced?

A.9: All Kidsmill furniture is produced in close cooperation with excellent and experienced European factories.

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